Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Big Boy's 1-year Photo Shoot!

The girls had their shoot right before us so we tried to get a cousin shot...the 3 most serious kids in the world that day!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

This is what happens when I don't post for a month...crazy huge blog!

We have been so busy with loads of birthdays, outdoor fun, and a boy who is on the move! I have lots of pictures from events of Ash's girls, but I'll let her post those first since they are, after all, her kids! But I do have a few from those events that I can't resist! Here is our sweet big one year old!

Playing with my sweet niece, Elena, at her bday party. Can't believe she is 4! It doesn't quite seem possible.
Our big boy's first haircut! Pre-cut surfer baby
Unsure of what that lady is doing back there...
Snacks make it all okay
After the big cut!
We have a little boy now, no more baby hair!
Our big guy loves to ham it up

He looks for an open bathroom door to get his big "prize"!

Lincoln's fleet
Seriously...60 degrees all February long is the best thing ever

Playing in our backyard for the first time

We have a lovely creek we'd love to take more advantage of, but it's a little tricky to make it down the huge hill, so we're going to send in pics to HGTV for some yard help! You never know!

Everyone in our family gets 2 birthdays...one on the actual day and then a little family dinner another night. His party was on his actual bday, so this was his mini party!
Again...60's in Feb...we try not to be inside at all!

I think I can swipe this without getting caught...
Oh, the red car from his birthday! He loves it and especially likes to stand while driving! Gigi and Grandad got him a perfect gift!
Lincoln wore pink for the first time to Elena's bday party...however, she was not so sure about her little boy cousin wearing pink...
3 little bugs in a truck after Maeve's little gym recital
There are tons of pics from this that ash can post, but dang if those aren't some cute pigtails!

Poppy and Elena at Lincoln's family bday party
goofus...my sister made his bday overalls! So cute!
Birthday boy and his SheShe
Uncle David has an armful! Mama stealing some nuzzle time at his party
Chris, Maeve, and Cassidy playing our "new" 100 year old player piano. My grandparents have always had one and we loved playing it growing up, so I found one on Craigslist...for free! Super exciting for me.
Deedee and Miss Cassidy
Lincoln sitting with RaRa
Mimi and Maeve
Sporting his birthday crown Aunt Ashley made him
Michelle painted him this adorable monkey picture!
Maeve hops in my lap whenever it's empty...and you can see I really don't mind!
Cami was a big fan of Mrs. Michelle that night!
Daddy had to steal a snuggle in between gifts
crazy kook!
Happy Birthday to our precious boy
Can I really eat this with my hands?
yes i can
Riding the cow Nathan and I got him
The car!
another little crazy kook!
cozy with his poppy
sweet cassidy
maeve and poppy
maeve testing out the car...is she not the cutest?!
We met Nathan's parents this past Saturday in Chattanooga at the Creative Discovery Museum. Lincoln had the best time!

he REALLY loved the water area

daddy, lincoln, and a t-rex!
Hope everyone is having a wonderful week!